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How to Measure the joint size & gender of your water bong

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The first thing when buying a bong or bong accessories is the joint size and gender. You need to know the joint size and gender to buy accessories for it.

About Water Bongs Gender

Before you buy the water bongs accessories, the most important thing is knowing the joint gender of your bongs, male or female. 

All Bongs, bowls, nails, ash catchers, adapters, dropdowns, and other bong accessories have a gender, male or female. 

First things first, #1 rule: male pieces go into female joints and female pieces go on top of male joints. So if your bong has a female joint you will need to buy a male jointed bowl or dab nail and vice versa.

what is the joint gender of your water bongs

just check image below to know the gender clearly.

About Water Bong joint sizes

There are three main sizes for bongs joint sizes, the 10mm,14mm,18mm.  10mm is small, 14mm is the most common,18mm is big.  you will know it easily because they are small and big.

water bongs 10mm 14mm 18mm joint sizes



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