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Woodstock News

New 14mm female glass bubbler hydrotube water pipe attachment in stock now
Hi guys, we received some new 14mm female glass bubblers.  This is the first time we got the colored bubblers, I have to say they are awesome. We a...

New Products Dynavap Dual Tips glass mouthpiece and WPA adapter in stock now
Hi guys, two new dynavap toys arrived today, Enjoy the double strong power from dynavap tips with these Dynavap dual adapters mouthpieces. These ar...

14mm 18mm Male Glass Post Adapter for CH FlowerPot ShovelHead Bowl in stock now
I am sure some of you already have the SS or Ti version of the FlowerPot ShovelHead Bowl, currently there is only the SS or Ti post for it, i know ...

Arizer Argo Sidecar bubbler glass water pipe bong in stock now
We already have a lot of Arizer Argo Accessories, the glass stem tube, WPA glass adapter for water pipe bong, replacement screens. Today the sideca...

What is an oil burner pipe
What is an oil burner pipe? An oil burner is just another type of glass water pipe, it is also called glass meth pipe/puff pipes/concentrate pipes....

How to Measure the joint size & gender of your water bong
The first thing when buying a bong or bong accessories is the joint size and gender. You need to know the joint size and gender to buy accessories ...

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