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Portable MJ420 Glass Pipe Tobacco Dry Herb Smoking Herbal Glass Blunt

SKU: KK004-black

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MJ420 Pipe Features

  • Small telescope design, portable to carry
  • Easy to fill, filling directly into the glass tube to smoke
  • Filter mouthpiece, more smooth draw, the better smoking experience
  • Spring loaded structure. Before lit, you can shift screw caps to higher gears with the silicone cap on to condense the herbs. After lit, shift the screw caps to higher gears to push the burnt ashes out of the tube.
  • All components are detachable, easy to clean and disassemble/assemble
  • Aluminum shell, protect glass from outside forces, durable and handy
  • Replaceable glass tube with simple plugin/out, no thread. You can either clean or replace a new glass tube.
  • Put out the smoke by simply putting the silicone cap on

MJ420 Glass Blunt Specs

  • Fully shrunk length: 62.5mm
  • Fully extended length: 92.5mm
  • Max Diameter: 20.3mm
  • Aluminum Tube Diameter: 17mm
  • Maximum glass tube capacity: About 2 grams
  • Color: Black/Silver/Gold/Rose Gold/Green
  • Weight: 35g

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